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RTPC Solar Water Heater

Inner Tank: Food Grade Stainless Steel SUS304-2B With 1.2mm - 1.5mm Thickness

Outer Tank: Colored Steel With 0.4mm Thickness

Heat Transition Heat Pipe Heat Transition

Vacuum Tube: New Tri-Target Tubes, Coating AL/N/AL/CU/SS

Vacuum Tube Outter Glass: Borosilicate Glass With 1.6mm Thickness

Vacuum Tubes Absorption Rate: >96% With Emittance Rate < 4%

Heat Pipe Condensor: Copper With 0.8mm Thickness, 14mm Diameter & 70mm Height

Heat Pipe: Copper With 0.6mm Thickness, 8mm Diameter & 1770mm Length

Support Frame: Galvanized Steel With 1.5mm Thickness

Support Frame Slope Angle: 20º / 25º / 38º / 45º

Reflector: Stainless Steel SUS201

Maximum Operation Pressure: 6 BAR

Stagnation Temperature: 1000w/m² & 30ºC: 207ºC

Guarantee Period: 5 Years

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