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RTPS Solar Collector

The split solar water heater is composed of the solar collectors, pressure tank and controlling system, which has the following characteristics: The split solar heater has two kinds of solar collectors: the heat pipe solar collector and the U pipe solar collector. The pressure tank is in the house and the solar collector on the roof and looks nice. The tank in the house can reduce the energy lose in the conducting process. The controlling system control all the parts and make them work automatically. It supports the combination of the solar and electricity.

Advantages: Reliable, efficient, twin glass solar tubes heat pipe. No water inside glass vacuum tubes, it avoids the risk for water freezing and tubes broken. Copper heat pipe for rapid heat transfer. Low maintenance effort. Easy installation of single or multiple units.

Tube Diameter: 58mm

Tube Length: 1800mm

Support Frame: Aluminum With Thickness Of 1.5mm 25º / 38º / 45º

Reflector: Stainless Steel Reflector

Maximum Pressure: 12 BAR

Warranty: 5 Years

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