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RTTC Solar Water Heater

Non-pressured solar water heater relies on the natural circulation of water between the collector and the tank. Hot water rises naturally into the tank, while cold water flows down from the tank to the vacuum tubes, causing circulation throughout the system.

Manifold: Stainless Steel SUS304-2B With 0.5mm Thickness

Manifold Outter Case: Stainless Steel / Aluminum / Galvanized Steel

Tube Diameter: 58mm

Tube Length: 1800mm

Vacuum Tube: New Tri-Target Tubes, Coating AL/N/AL/CU/SS

Vacuum Tube Outter Glass: Borosilicate Glass With 1.6mm Thickness

Vacuum Tubes Absorption Rate: >96% With Emittance Rate < 4%

Support Frame: Aluminum With 1.5mm Thickness

Support Frame Slope Angle: 20º / 25º / 38º / 45º

Reflector: Stainless Steel SUS201

Stagnation Temperature: 1000w/m² & 30ºC: 207ºC

Heat Transfer Liquid: 20L / 30L

Guarantee Period: 5 Years

Advantages: Using the copper coil as the heat exchanger can produce hot water with constant temperature, it is safe and comfortable to use. It takes advantage of the tap water pressure which can produce a strong water flow. The copper coil heat exchnager makes the water heat rapidly, and is not limited by the tank capacity so it can produce more hot water than the general models.

Model Tube Diameter Tube Length Inner Tank Diameter Outer Tank Diameter Warm Polyurethane Capacity
RTTC-58-1800-15 58mm 1800mm 400mm 500mm 55mm 194L
RTTC-58-1800-16 58mm 1800mm 400mm 500mm 55mm 207L
RTTC-58-1800-20 58mm 1800mm 400mm 500mm 55mm 259L
RTTC-58-1800-24 58mm 1800mm 400mm 500mm 55mm 311L
RTTC-58-1800-30 58mm 1800mm 400mm 500mm 55mm 388L
RTTC-58-1800-36 58mm 1800mm 400mm 500mm 55mm 466L

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