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The TDM150 series modules consist of 36 peice poly-crystalline high efficient silicon cells which are individually characterized and electronically matched before interconnection and laminated with toughened glass, EVA and TPT of high quality.

After assembled with anodized aluminum alloy frame, cable and junction box with MC connectors, these solar modules can be easily installed and work for long periods of time. At the same time, they can withstand the storm, strong winds and hail impacts.

Module Unit TDM150-B-36
Encapsulation Glass / EVA / Cell / EVA / TPT
Size & Number Of Cells 156mm x 156mm, 36/9, 4 Pcs
Maximum Power W 150W
Cell Efficiency % 17.2%
Module Efficiency % 14.97%
Tolerance % +/- 3%
Open Circut Voltage V 23.2V
Short Circut Current A 8.62A
Maximum Power Voltage V 18.0V
Maximum Power Current A 8.33A
Maximum System Open Voltage V 600V
Diodes 2 Bypass
Dimension mm 1482mm x 676mm x 35mm
Weight KG 12KG
Operate Temperature Scope ºC -40ºC - 85ºC
Relative Humidity % 0% - 100%

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